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MC마켓 채널

MC마켓 채널

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The another proejct which is selected by MaxValue.

the world best, but remain in wild land, the korea!

We prepared long time in search of hidden pearl.

IoT hotspot basis of helium coin!

Installing the hotspot mining mahine on your home or office, You can obtain new block chain coin HNT and offer low power network for billions of IoT machine.

Helium supports LORA network , and is a decentralized block chain network which offers wireless hostpot for Iot Machine.

Helium is a new open source block-chain for supporting the completely distributed physical wireless network.

It can be installed within their overlapping area by an interval of 300 meters.

In the proportion to density and the numbers of devices, mining results increase.

Helium Coin mining machine in the formal of Hotspot, can be installed in the veranda of private house, buildling or rooftop, which is good for the many populated area like government building or big city.

Helium is made by Amir harlem, Shon phaning, and Shern Carry in 2013.

The co-founder, Harlem is a developer of e-sports and Phaning is a developer of Napster, Service of PtoP music share service.

The helium main-net which is launched in July 2019, communicate by each other by low power wireless device and helps node network.

Wanting to have, but cannot have the helilum coin mining machine~!

Ordering in U.S needs more than 6 months.

Maxpia ICT is developing and making machine on Guardians, sons of Maxpia leading LORA commuication since 2017.

Helium coin HNT came to appeared as a main best coin attracting attention of world people.

High mining technology of Maxpia and the Iot technology o f Guardians met each other and finally made the helium coin mining machine come into the world.

Guardians already developed fifty kinds of device machine and apply in the field.

Guardians, a subsidiary company of the Maxpia, connecting all of the city to AI and IOT, install and utilize the fifty thousand of light pole to big city all over the country which can collect big data.

The first domstic helium coin miner starting, the word best block chain Iot infra-structure installing Korea!

Just staring th helium coin mining, do you want high and fixed profit of every month?

IT powerful industry of korea, we invite you to the dream project, Max Value making.

Thank you.


  • 엠씨마켓 / (주)맥스위드코리아
  • 경기도 광주시 도척면 다람로36번길 215-5
  • 사업자등록번호 : 381-81-02298
  • TEL : 031-768-2432 / FAX : 031-768-2433
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